Rowan, taking the first turn, and the last

Somebody always jokingly suggests taking turns on X-Change if we strike out at the bar. Normies don’t seem to know the unspoken truth of group use: turns never happen.

You get talked into taking a pink with promises that everyone will take turns, and your friends often actually mean it at the time, but something primal changes once a group of guys actually has sex with one of their own on a pink pill. The group has a girl now, and she’s a sure thing. What used to be a backup plan after striking out instead becomes “Why even go to the bar? We’ve got pussy right here.”

Each excuse for why it’s still your turn is flimsier than the last, until one day you don’t even bother asking anymore. The pretense falls away, and you find yourself taking multiple cocks at once and loving it. As the group’s least masculine member, you’re the last to realize what everyone else knew the instant you actually took a pink pill: this is where you belong.

  • Rowan, taking the first turn, and the last

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